Your consultation will be a wholistic and thorough discussion with a difference.  You will be asked to prefill a client information sheet (prior to your appointment), which entails your full health history and any ongoing medical issues along with your health and wellbeing goals.  Once this has been completed and payment has been received, I will organise a 30-minute face to face zoom meeting to discuss your health and wellbeing goals and the reason you are seeking advice from an Aromatherapist.
Once this virtual consultation has been completed, I will forward a written document with a recommendation of up to three blends of essential oils to use and methods of application that will be most effective.  This information will be sent to you within 3 business days from the virtual consultation.
During this appointment I will also discuss the reasons for you wanting to use essential oils, for example, to assist you with insomnia or anxiety.  We will discuss any scent preferences or dislikes, as often a scent can be associated with past memories and evoke either a positive or negative experience, along with your preferred method of administration, for example diffusion or massage.
Please note I am in no way affiliated with any MLM essential oil companies.  If you are needing guidance on purchasing essential oils, I can recommend a variety of Australian made and high-quality oil companies you can purchase from directly.
The cost for an initial consultation is $75 and the total time spent on this service will be 1.5 hours.
Follow up appointments will also be conducted via zoom and or email and this is at a cost of $50 per hour (30 minute zoom meeting and 30 minutes working on recommendations).  Any products requested will incur an additional fee.