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Bath Safety and Essential Oils

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back and relaxing in a warm bath at the end of a busy day. You can enhance this experience by adding some essential oils to the water to really help you switch off and unwind and let your stress melt away.

There are so many therapeutic benefits oils have that can help you relax, feel rejuevenated, help with aches and pains or help get rid of that pesky cold, for example.

However, what you may not realise is that it is not safe to add essential oils directly into the bath with out diluting them first, as this may cause a nasty skin irritation or reaction.

Oil and water do not mix, so if you add undiluted oils to the bath they will float on the surface and may come in contact with the skin. You certainly do not want this oil coming into contact with any "sensitive" areas and causing discomfort.

There are some very simple ways listed below to help you avoid a bathing disaster...

Before adding oils to your bath ensure you dilute them in a dispersant. Some great examples that are easy to find around the home are vegetable oil, castille soap, shower gel or shampoo.

Add between 5 - 20 drops of essential oils to a table spoon of dispersant and ensure it is mixed well before adding to the bath. (This quantity of oil equates to a 1-4% dilution rate.)

There are some essential oils that have a higher risk of causing skin irritation and should be used at a lower dilution rate or not at all. You should also seek advice from a Clinical Aromatherapist before using oils on children, as dilution rates need to be adhered to and you need to use essential oils that are appropriate and safe the child's age.

You should not use the following substances to add to the bath as they are water soluble and will dissolve once added to the water:

milk, salt, soda, cornstarch, witch hazel, glycerin and aloe vera.

Other dispersants that can be used are Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 80, Solubol and Natrasorb.

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